Saturday, January 13, 2007

Finally some thoughts on the CCAA changes

First, thanks to all who have been reading and posting here, May this New Year be full of many on to a different topic *scary music cue here ,please*

CCAA, just prior to Christmas, posted new guidelines for adoption. A lot of new restrictions more like it. There has been tons of rumors and confusion, not helped by several news sites having whacked panels and bias and uninformed people talking out a part of their body they really should be sitting on...

That said, it has been part of that rollercoaster ride you are told about to expect, and this dip felt like a whopper.

Our agency has now confirmed to us that the medical restrictions are going to be applied retroactively to all dossiers, but that the other restrictions will be active May 1 2007. Bottom line, this doesn't effect us as far as getting Julia. PTL(actually there are no words to express my feeling on this, the boulder that had been in the pit of my stomach for a while is suddenly gone, and the feeling of relief is unreal). We still slide in under these restrictions for this time. It could be a factor, potentially, when/if we look to China for Number 2. But that is a while away and they have said that these guidelines may not be in place forever.

Personally I think the Chinese Govt/Agency, are trying to put a good face on in light of the 2008 Olympics, and saying there are fewer children ready for adoption makes their issue look smaller...what a faulty, downright offensive lie. Abandonment of children is still going strong, sadly, in China, RIGHT now, and all they are doing is reducing the number of children that will get adopted, the rest are going to be parentless, older and stuck. This is extremely upsetting, and paints such a misleading picture(a picture painted further by CNN and their lousy job representing this topic).

Anyhow, I had been holding off posting until we got word and had a chance to process everything. So from here we just keep the focus on the straight(although rollercoastery) line to Julia!