Thursday, December 18, 2008

LID month 31

In a couple days it will be 31 months logged into all likelihood add another 12 and we might be getting close....forty three...gee and I wonder why I hate math! Enough of that, onto more festive thoughts...

Although we will miss not being with family this Xmas, we are looking forward to being home, not having to worry about travel...Cara has already stacked the time with tons of visits.

On Xmas eve the drama group I help direct is doing the evening service. Should be an adventure, it is full of talented youth ,but still youth have their moments, heh, but they always seem to pull it off in the end, and are remarkable.

Had a fun time doing a gospel Xmas magic show for a church in town, that was fun, broke out 2 new tricks I have never done before, and they were hits, so now I can work on refining them even more, plus I treated myself to a dvd with tons of tricks to learn from it, from my favorite magician Jeff McBride, so I hope to work some practice time in over the break.

I am also determined to finish Brisingr before the year is up. It has been a slow pace, which if it picks up I would certainly be more involved in finishing it.

Couple months left, likely, before we have to consider what to do, US adoption wise, as well as with updating passports...

Looking forward to the Xmas break, Celebrate JESUS!