Friday, May 27, 2011

The Seraph Seal-Sweet and Wagner Book Review

This book is a mix of an Indiana Jones, Davinci Code, Apocalyptic/Science Fiction feel.What I liked was the mystery type aspect with some action thrown in, I liked and disliked the tie ins to the book of Revelation from the Bible(more on that later). I liked the appendix in the end that provided some notes, explanations and clarifications as the book is a long one and lots of characters popping in and out and so much symbolism thrown in.

This book is NOT a book to base theology on. Similar to aspects of The Shack, the story draws you in, but there are some things that leave a question mark. References are made the The Lamb, but His appearance is not,the focus is left on the people/characters and not the Person playing the main role in the end times.Symbolism can be read in many ways, and others have commented that there seems to be a feel of Universalism in the book. I haven't gotten all the way through to be definite on that, but it is certainly worth warning about.

There is also a love story plot thrown in. The back cover reads "...the Seraph Seal combines apocalyptic intrigue with a journey of love and discovery that blurs the lines between fact and fiction. It will lead you into a world where only you can determine the future of the earth as we know it." So I would say it delivers on that, and as long as discernment filters are on that will help when the BLUR is happening. I have mixed feelings on this. I like that there is the biblical aspects brought in, but the teacher in me gets concerned when it veers off of that. Of course in story you have the creativity to branch off, and I enjoy that, but I get concerned that it then, whether intentioned or not, teaches people untruths. The responsibility lies ultimately with the READER, the writers have not said this is a book of truth, so I appreciate that.

This book was provided to me free through Thomas Nelson Publishers with the understanding that I give an honest review.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Man, time flies...

Can't believe it has been over a month between posts...

April had us traveling a bit down to Edmonton and Calgary. We broke down and bought dvd players for the girls for the trip...definitely a sanity saver!

Katie is a snack monster and needs to be snacking from the time we pull out of the driveway until we arrive. Julia travels well during the day but made it VERY clear to us when we traveled to Edmonton to participate in the End the Wait Adoption Seminar, that driving near bed time is a no no. We ended up having to stay in Whitecourt at a hotel overnight as she protested over being in the car thinking she was supposed to sleep there.

In the hotel we quickly discovered that so many things are at Katie level. She was delighted!!!! In the first 20 minutes there she had raided the mini fridge, called front desk, turned on the air conditioner, and started empty microwaves, oh and set the snooze alarm off several times.

The room had 2 queen beds in it. Cara and Julia took one bed, and Katie and I the other. Next time I will just take my pillow and sleep in the bath precious little girl loves to snuggle which is wonderful when I don't want to sleep, but I can't sleep when someone is "in my sleep space". Once she fell asleep I moved her over, only to have her shift around to sleep vertically on the bed with feet kicking, jabbing and embedding themselves into my back all night. UGH!

The conference was excellent and I feel blessed to have played a part in it.

We did an extended family visit at the end of the month as my grandmother,dad and cousin, as well as a precious friend( who has prayed faithfully for Julia for 5 years), had not met her yet.

Julia is delightful, coming out of her shell even more and has a smile the lights up the room, melts daddy's heart. She turned one this month, I am in denial. I just can't wrap my brain around it, yet she is fully embracing it. She is so close to walking. She is cruising along the couches and walls, using the high chair as a walker. Vocally she has found crying works wonders to get mom and dad running to see if big sister has wronged her, or to see if she has tumbled from being too adventurous, or to simply communicate, "I don't see you, come back into my view!". Her most used sound(aside from the cry) is a word that sounds kind of like "up" and"fpt" combined. We are getting some dadda maa maa sounds but not connecting them to us. Her eyes tell us she know us, they light up, she will do the one raised eyebrow or bashful smile/turn to the side with a glance thing that is adorable. She LOVES being upside down and spun around, she is going to be the carnival ride queen in our group...

We are eager to embrace spring and summer this year, we plan to plant some veges among our large and often weed embraced flower garden to help reduce the work and weed quota.I am looking forward to biking to work, need the exercise. Had a few too many slurpees and 5 cent candies over the winter, combined with too little exercise and it is starting to show...

Summer plans seem to be full with me (wanting to)get Fall work prep done early, taking a week to speak at Ness Lake Bible Camp, and sticking close to church as half the staff are taking off to Rwanda on a missions trip.

Still staying busy(it is reasonable now-crazy bust start of the year)with magic shows, and Cara is delighting in trying out digital scrapbooking. We still long for some more sleep and energy, but being parents to our 2 gifts is such a privilege, even when they refuse to eat, sleep or obey as much as we would like, they bring so many more smiles, joys and delight to our hearts!!!

Daddy Dates-Greg Wright Book Review

Daddy Dates by Greg Wright

I love the idea behind this book, it was something I have planned to do even prior to hearing a book was done about it. Did this book really help me develop that further? No. BUT, and it is a big is still an excellent book and one I highly recommend to ANY dad, regardless of the age of his girls( I have been planning and developing ideas for this for years already). It is written in guy language, and is a very enjoyable read. Greg comes across with wisdom, humor, and authenticity that makes it okay for dads to admit they don’t have it all together, but offers encouragement and some clear guidelines to help any dad get an idea of this concept and the exhortation to give it a try. He covers the reasons for daddy dates, ways to plan dates that will work, stories to encourage, and gives insights for preschool daddy dates right through the age ranges.

I was greatly encouraged to be affirmed that there is deep value in investing in this way in your daughters lives. The role of a Father is often undervalued, yet to help daughters grow to be confident women, the impact of a loving, committed and interested father is priceless. Daddy dates is a very helpful tool in the daddy tool belt.

Men like books that get to the point, lay out the plan,makes them laugh, and in stirs their heart(not enough to make them cry in public-that is taboo, but grabs their heart ;)) .This book delivers on that front. High recommendation for any dads.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”