Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Been quiet on the blog lately because we have been praying through some stuff, and we have decided to pursue concurrent adoptions.

Some friends of ours have had great success and ease of process with adopting from South Carolina, little black babies.

We have decided to pursue that track while still keeping on track with China.

We have at least 20 months(barring a miracle of speed from the CCAA) before we would be near China bound. Alberta Adoption law(and China) states there must be 1 year between any children/adoptions. So doing the math... 20-12 is 8. So we are going to pursue the US with adoption(we have sent half the paperwork at this point, we need to get updated homestudy and medicals still.)And we don't have to put any US money upfront until a match is made, just costs with updating some paper work now. We will pursue the US avenue until we near the time when we have 1 year til the China match. If it happens, we will receive a beautiful little black baby as the first child in our family. If no match happens, we will, as we initially thought, have our first child be a little China doll.

Our hearts are for adoption, in my mind pursuing a second adoptive child was a no brainer,I figured China would be our first stop, but who knows, it may end up the second stop...but pursuing it this way, with the boundaries on time etc. we are putting in place allows us to be hands off and if God will deliver the gift the US direction first, He is totally in control to do that, and if it is China, same thing, and we would look to the US second.

So who knows what track this crazy train will take, we are just extending arms of love to receive whatever gift God will deliver. :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

January 4 2006

Yahoo!!!! They are finally into 2006 matching!!! They went from dec 27 to January 4 another 8 day batch. that is two 8 day batches in a row. So 4 months and 15 days worth of matching still to go, so approximately 165 days to match, divided by 8 days per calender month...ugh that would mean at least 20 more months until a match if they do 8 days per month, and there is no guarantee they will do that many, or that they won't have some months where they do more... another year and a half of waiting... GAH, yet another reason why I am known for hating math, math sucks, waiting sucks, mid 2009 for a match? BLECH! Why are we doing this? Oh right, there is a little girl out there needing someone to call Daddy and Mummy...the first time we see her face will erase all this other nonsense!