Monday, September 22, 2008

The US roller coaster continues

The birth mom changed her can be said... we are back to waiting...but God had His hand in there, and saved us from a harder journey if we had gotten down there...we were heading out of town to go get a flight and had to mail some stuff to the agency, the postee said they didn't think they could courier it there, so I better check with them, so I called the US agency, and they were, "Don't send it,the birth mom just changed her mind"...

Wow, stunned, deflated, scratching our wasn't the day...but that day will come...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We are matched in the US!!!!

We just got the call that a birthmother in the US has matched us with their soon to be born child. We do not know the gender. Delivery due date was Oct 19, but she is having early labor pains, so they are hoping for her to hold on another week and then deliver.

We have paper trail to wrap up, the suitcase has been packed for months, book flights, get the bird and fish looked after...and within a couple weeks, we suspect, we will have our little bean!

I am seriously numb, and in the deepest part of my spirit it feels filled in with a missing piece, in the shape of our little bean!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Feb 9 2006 matched

In China news it appears at least up to Feb 9 is matched making it a 9 day match cycle this time. Congrats to all who made it!

I am not even going to start wrapping my brain around how long until May 19 comes up. In December we will look at it, see how it fits with ensuring we keep a year between adoptions (if we aren't matched in the US before then), and then go from there.

I have joked(starting years ago) that I hope I am a father before I am 40... well only 365 days to get that taken care of, can we move this along a little please?!

Not doing much of anything for my Bday this year, just taking it easy. I painted our bedroom over the weekend, got some outdoor stuff done before the snow falls, repotted a few of my bonsai and ordered some magic from Bday cash.

Dealing with some gaps and changes in Fall church stuff and trying to get things going for the Fall. Been feeling pretty relaxed about it until middle of last week, time I thought I had got gobbled up with unexpected stuff, and people I thought I had in place, had stuff chance for a few which opens up more work for me to do, again, no fault of theirs, just life stuff.

39 and feeling fine...
Wife making me stirfry in which to dine.
Bought a fish tank and a fish named Buckwheat...
He's swimming and darting and is kinda neat.
I know this poem sucks, but you don't have to whine!

sigh... it has come down to this...LOL...if i can't start reporting about baby stuff soon no knowing what will end up on this blog next!