Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Have to say anticipation is growing in our home. We are starting to talk more about the practical dynamics of having a couple little ones around.

We are also anticipating we will hear word of the next round of matches in the next 9-12 days, and hoping it gets us into May Matches.

Started doing more research on traveling there, and what to anticipate there...

Set up the blog to post posts via email as blogger and facebook are often blocked when  in China, so we want to anticipate any issues there...

spring is in the air and the anticipation of summer is there which I think is fueling anticipation of what we hope will be an exciting Fall in seeing us get closer to THE day.

Being a realist,I still anticipate some ups and downs in this, but it is nice to anticipate a finale to this as we head to the 4 year mark...

Now anticipate this posting as I send it :)!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

more posts

Seems the secret is to say I won't post and i end up posting more LOL. Found this quote which I thought was good:

Our children are not ours because they share our genes...

they are ours because we have had the audacity to envision them.

That, at the end of the day...or long sleepless night,

is how love really works.

--- Unknown

It is saddening to hear the negative slant some are taking with international adoption due to the recent incident where a US parent sent their Russian adopted son on an airplane back to Russia without consulting their agency or anything it seems.

This woman needs to be charged or something, it is just unthinkable to treat the child like that. If she couldn't handle him(and sadly some kids do come so "damaged" that they need more care) BUT then get help...

Then there is news(old to us) that UNICEF is being called on their anti adoption stance in Haiti. GOOD STUFF. We heard months ago from a friend who went down there about how UNICEF was working against the needs of these kids. So I hope that now that it is coming more to light that they repent and change their tract!

and then there is the earthquake in China. That is a concern, but not knowing where our Julia will come from we have no idea. We do believe she has been born now and our prayer is we will see her before 2010 is done(or early 2011)...but time will tell...

Spring seems to have settled in. Managed to get the bike out and cycle in to work today. We are moving offices(in stages, complete move in a couple weeks), so lots of physical stuff today,taking a break for a snack and relax before hauling more books...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Interesting poem

Found this on the China adoption forum I hang out on, thought I would post it...
Mother Bridge of Love

Once there were two women who never knew each other.

One you do not remember, the other you call Mother.

Two different lives shaped to make you one.

One became your guiding star; the other became your sun.

The first one gave you life, and the second taught you to live it.

The first gave you a need for love. The second was there to give it.

One gave you a nationality. The other gave you a name.

One gave you a talent. The other gave you aim.

One gave you emotions. The other calmed your fears.

One saw your first sweet smile. The other dried your tears.

One sought for you a home that she could not provide.

The other prayed for a child and her hope was not denied.

And now you ask me, through your tears,

The age-old question unanswered through the years.

Heredity or environment, which are you a product of?

Neither, my darling. Neither. Just two different kinds of Love.


Monday, April 05, 2010

Up to april 17 done

Been ages since I posted. Word is they have done another 6 days, that means there has been 2, six day batches, which, to get technical seems to point to the "fact" they are working, not on calender days,but number of files to match, This is good news if it true.

Estimates figure in that we SHOULD have a referral before 2010 is over. I figure by July we should be able to more closely predict(within a month or so) of when this is gonna happen.

So that is slightly hopeful news on the China front. :) :)

On the Katie front, well she is 14 months, and still pure joy, although we are seeing shades of attitudes and the odd fit coming out.

She has 6 teeth, can run, loves peek a boo and her fav book is "I love you through and through" which she will have read to her 3 or more times a day EASILY.

She loves Skyping with Grandma, and gets put out of anyone else is on there or if we are on the computer and not skyping.

This is a busy month, so rather than my hopeful statement that I will post more, I will be realistic and say, not likely for a bit, got a bunch of magic shows(including an out of town gig friday), doing pulpit relief for a couple weeks for my senior pastor, trying to build up my Christian Education Board, we are moving offices to a new location, 6 pages of lines to memorize for a skit on Sunday(got about 4 down),got my anniversary to celebrate tomorrow, plus my regular work load.