Monday, April 05, 2010

Up to april 17 done

Been ages since I posted. Word is they have done another 6 days, that means there has been 2, six day batches, which, to get technical seems to point to the "fact" they are working, not on calender days,but number of files to match, This is good news if it true.

Estimates figure in that we SHOULD have a referral before 2010 is over. I figure by July we should be able to more closely predict(within a month or so) of when this is gonna happen.

So that is slightly hopeful news on the China front. :) :)

On the Katie front, well she is 14 months, and still pure joy, although we are seeing shades of attitudes and the odd fit coming out.

She has 6 teeth, can run, loves peek a boo and her fav book is "I love you through and through" which she will have read to her 3 or more times a day EASILY.

She loves Skyping with Grandma, and gets put out of anyone else is on there or if we are on the computer and not skyping.

This is a busy month, so rather than my hopeful statement that I will post more, I will be realistic and say, not likely for a bit, got a bunch of magic shows(including an out of town gig friday), doing pulpit relief for a couple weeks for my senior pastor, trying to build up my Christian Education Board, we are moving offices to a new location, 6 pages of lines to memorize for a skit on Sunday(got about 4 down),got my anniversary to celebrate tomorrow, plus my regular work load.

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Anonymous said...

That's the face that I call 'punkin'...oh my gosh that's a cute pix...(what am I saying????? they're all cute pix).. guess who???