Monday, July 16, 2007

Number 14- LID

"14 is considered to be one of the unluckiest numbers in Chinese culture. Although 14 is usually said as "shi si," which sounds like "ten die", it can also be said as "yi si" or "yao si", literally "one four". Thus, 14 can also be said as "yao si," literally "one four," but it also means "want to die" (要死 pinyin yào sǐ). In Cantonese, 14 sounds like "sap6 sei3", which sounds like "sat6 sei2" meaning "certainly die" (實死)."

Well, we don't believe in that kinda thing, and although it is a few days early, thought I would post about the 14th month since LID.

Wanted to take this post to reply to some of the replies to posts made here we go...
Anita- we had for supper General Tso Chicken Balls, rice, sweet and sour pork, and a beef stir fry mix. We went out shopping to find "fortune" cookies, but didn't find any at the store :(.

Charlotte- Thanks for your constant prayers and encouragements from the Word! AND thanks for clarifying about the wedding shower story, folks could have started thinking I am alot weirder than I already am! Even though I think I have great legs ;)

Janet- Paul Brandt is awesome! Thanks for following along our journey, we are enjoying following yours, we have to find some way as families to connect, I think we would have a hoot together! We can't wait for you to be out of the Review Room either!

Carala and Terence- We need to connect,summer is insane for us with bible camp, but we will look forward to connecting after that!

We appreciate each person who lurks and who posts and I have enjoyed being able to express stuff on this blog, I enjoy writing, never get enough time to do it, or do it as well as I would like, so this is a fun way to connect and express.

14 down, who knows how many to go, but we celebrate 14 months CLOSER to holding our Julia!


Janet said...

I think we'd have a hoot together too....:-)

ladybugmommy said... is hard to believe that it has been 14 months since LID (in some ways it seems longer) It feels like forever ago when we started our journey, back in August of 2005 with beginning our homestudy...14 months doesn't take that into account or the years of trying to decide what path to follow in the adoption journey...I am excited about the future though and I can't wait to meet you guys in person hopefully when we travel together.
Take care,
Jen and Jeff

Dan & Kelly said...

Congratulations on 14!!!!!!!!!!! Hope that you have news really really soon and things start to speed up! One month closer!

Carala and Terence said...

we just got back from a couple weeks of holidays and thought I'd check your blog to see how things are going!

I figure we'll have to connect this fall. Summer is crazy for us as well. We are trying hard to get our papers into our agency here in calgary. Hopefully we'll have everything done soon so we can start our home study in September. I don't know if we told you but we have decided on China...yipppeee! We're so pumped! Our boys are too and talk about "her" often.

Please pray we keep motivated to keep pushing that paper work along. The summer is a bad time to start this stuff...but we just wanted to get going on it. One more day we put things off is one more day without our girl!

Take care,