Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fun date...

On this day of love I thought I would share a very fun, very easy date we did a couple weeks ago.

Ever had those gourmet jelly beans, the kind that have flavors such as popcorn, watermelon, chocolate etc? Well we picked up a bag of them, and you never know what the flavor is gonna be.

So we planned to watch a fun show, and I brought over the beans, a knife, and a small cutting board. I cut the jelly bean in half, so that we could both experience the taste at the same time, and it saved hunting through a bag of beans trying to find a match. We then chatted about what we thought it might be before we tasted it, critiqued them after we tasted them ,and it turned out to be a really fun time.

Stuff like this may not fly in your home, but we sure find unexpected delight in little things like this, it builds fun memories and good feelings.

Happy Vday to all!


Janet said...

We would totally do that too. Except that we both only like the "normal" flavoured ones....LOL!

Krista's Camera said...

What a perfect idea! My most favorite treats..jelly bellies! Yay! I go to Save On and buy them in bulk..only in the flavours I

Anonymous said...

What a sweet idea... I can see you two thoroughly enjoying that. I love how you both continue to bless each other by building on your relationship. I'm so proud of you both.