Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We are at LID 36

Quite a day yesterday. We decided to have a couple date and left Katie with friends for the first time. We had a nice meal at Boston Pizza(Love pasta Tuesdays!)

Katie is just over 3 months old, she is growing well and continues to be a good sleeper(We are sooo blessed with that!)

I realized AFTER we had gone out that it was also the 19th of May, marking 3 years we have been logged in to China.

Recent rumors state that they should have done 6 days of matching this month to bring us to March 14 2006. It has been a crazy month due to the swine flu thing, lots of conflicting info on whether TA's(travel Arrangements) will be sent, if people are being told to change their plans etc, but hopefully that storm will pass and folks can go get their precious treasures after such a wait...

We are waiting to hear word about going down to South Carolina to our final court date to make everything official with Katie, we will also hang out there for a bit so we can take in some of the place, take pictures, tour Katie around so we have some pictures and memories with her in the place she was born. I am hoping it come in the Fall, only so that it isn't so hot, Cara hopes it is in the height of the heat,LOL!

One of the things still up in the air is whether we would bring Katie to China. Whatever we decide we may not be able to if we don't get paperwork(citizenship/passport etc done). We don't get a birth certificate for her until a month and a half AFTER the court date, then time to process citizenship, then a passport... we have no idea how much time that will take.

Presently Cara is struggling with how to reshape her business in light of having baby, wanting to potentially drop the company she is demonstrating for, but trying to figure out how it will all work. I am kicking off my magic show business more and getting a few shows already, which is nice, we will see where that goes.

Summer stuff is in the air as we don't know if SC will be put in there, as well my mom is dealing with cancer, so there are some surgeries etc ahead that we will head down to be a support etc. I am speaking only one week at camp this year(that is a radical change), and there are 2 weddings I am officiating and another we want to head to Calgary it appears it will be a full summer(once the snow fall quits, we just got a huge spring dump of the stuff, gotta love Alberta!)


Anonymous said...

Deal with it as it unfolds precious. Learning there's some things we don't have control over. love mum

Janet said...

Katie is SOOOO sweet! Lucky you to go to the States and take pics! Great idea!