Sunday, October 03, 2010

Things to pray for

Pray for:

God to provide for Julia's mental, physical and emotional needs, also by providing people to touch her lovingly, say sweet words to her, notice her...We would be thru the roof if she was in foster care...

Pray that she has the ability to attach, so that even though there will be loss with her leaving an attachment in China, transferring is easier and healthier than having to create it.

Pray she will be able to grieve her losses, as that is HARD but part of healthy attachment.

Pray for our family who have to adjust during the attachment process(meaning as much as we would like to let them and they would like to, take care of Julia-that they will feel grace from God and that we will all have wisdom to know how to best use the love and desire of our family in ways that will help Julia and also allow our family to enjoy her and celebrate her coming into our family).

Pray for the person matching us this month that God will move their arms and eyes to match us to the one HE has for us.

Wisdom for us as we try to figure out packing(what to take, what not to take, working out luggage issues).

We would love for travel before 2011 is done, so that would mean getting a match end of October or EARLY November.

Wisdom in how to deal with allergy issues in China(food) I can't eat nuts, Cara can't eat seafood/fish...

That we will be easily accessible when the match happens.

That the doctor we give the medical info we get in the match will be given wisdom from God to analyze it truly.

That the paperwork that comes with a match will be processed well and completely, so there are no delays.

That once we are matched that TA(Travel Arrangements- visas etc, gets processed QUICKLY(it can take a month to 7ish weeks) the sooner we get approval the sooner we can book flights.

That travel will come at a time when travel costs are not too high.

So there are a few thing to pray about :)!

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