Sunday, November 05, 2006


IKEA- My wife's third love, behind Michaels, and I am repeatedly told, myself. I question my ranking some days compared to these other 2 parties ;) .

Pleased to announce we got the baby change table/converts to a dresser with book case as well as a toddler safe toy box(the lid stays open whever you leave it and there is space between the lid and the walls, so little fingers can't get squished). We also got MOST of the entertainment unit that will tuck away all the loose books, dvds, cords, cables and misc. stuff that inhabits our living room. I say most, because IKEA didn't have the legs for the unit. But we went ahead with the purchase anyway, and will get the legs at another time.

So that mission is complete(it may take me until the baby actually arrives to figure out how to put the things together,lol, but it is nice to get that done(although I am still choking on the money output for this, IKEA is not expensive stuff, but I just hate shelling out money, a few dollars here or there, fine, but house and car insurance is paid this month, Xmas gift buying is in full swing, etc. Bah, humbug, me pennypincher side rears it's ugly head.

But all is not stress, in typical Randy fashion, I try to keep a light mood, so I share with Cara, "it is all good, we may have only cheese and crackers to eat for meals from now til the new year, but at Christmas we will spurge and I will proudly announce to our little family of 2 xmas supper table...'Shall I carve the pickle now to go with our crackers and cheese this Christmas Day meal?'". It doesn't read as funy as it struck us, but it was a fun laugh...she is still least until Dec. 25 when the pickle is actually produced :).


Krista Petrie said...

Ah..that darn Christmas shopping! I found that if I start and complete (or nearly) my shopping in November, I am much more cheerful in December! I hate shopping...and mixing it with December, crowds and no parking spaces..well, I get kinda crabby! So, November it is! Hey..good luck with the pickle, my suggestion is to us a cocktail fork to hold it, and a steak knife to get those precise and thin slices...makes for more to go around! :-)

Janet said...

I do LOVE Ikea! Enjoy your pickle! :-)

mum said...

I think reading it is funnier than when you shared it with me....L O L.

ladybugmommy said...

Ahhh IKEA!!! How I wish there were one close by....for now I flip through my catalogue and dream of all the things I would buy if I had loads of money.

Cara said...

Thank you ladies for the Ikea validation... i can't resist.. and didn't ... i guess i have resigned to the pickle for Christmas dinner... at least the house will look beautiful!

what great insight Krista... we will have to run out to buy a cocktail fork or two... oooh.. that's a purchase isn't it... well maybe we can steal one from somewhere so Randy won't have such a hard time with buying it.