Saturday, August 11, 2007

One month until...

I get Paul Brandt's new album "Risk"...which has the song Dust I posted a while ago.

Life, and living it, can certainly be a risk at times, and a wild journey, and some parts of be blunt, simply suck and are unfair and tear at a hearts sense of justice and fairness. There are times your heart gets trampled, unjustly, unfairly, and you feel so attacked and left bewildered, "What on earth did I do to deserve this?" and you discover you didn't do anything to deserve it and then get left wondering "Why the heck then do we have this target on our back?" I wish I knew the answer...but regardless I am glad I can say I rode though it with no regrets on how I lived, loved and honored my Lord through it.Sadly, others involved in this can't say that, and that saddens me.

"we had ups and downs
we got spun around
we held on when the going got a little tough
it took love and faith
and some give and take
and grace
no we didn't even see the dust"

I heard this song near the peak of the crisis, and it was a cool gift from God to encourage me. There is still some dust and crap still left to have to walk through, and that sucks, that stuff/people connected with it are so trying to be a distraction and downer to all the positive and good that is wanting to emerge and move forward, but my attitude moving forward at this point is:

"shot gun everybody getting for the long run
dont know where we're going
but the out come comes with a little bit of trust
lets go following whatever where the wind blows
flying with our hands out of the window
we didn't even see the dust"

We are in this for the long run, we trust not man, but God, and will follow whatever way the wind of His Spirit blows, and keep our eyes and heart on Him, and not the dust and crap others try to pull out and put in the way!


Janet said...

AMEN!!!! Great post!

mum said...

Only some will know what you're talking about... "target" - "crap" - Love that your focus is on our Almighty.. and not man / woman... Love and hugs