Thursday, October 04, 2007

Survival ritual...

Cara and I have settled into a survivor ritual as we wait, and mark weekly our time to watch Survivor China, that was threatened this week by a meeting, but lo and behold the meeting was canceled and Survivor China is back on! Yahoo!!!

I am glad Ashley got kicked off last week, not that she was a big pain like Dave?(the camp leader)...but it is awkward trying to watch the show with all the upper female anatomy flinging everywhere, and she is one of the big offenders. I have conditioned myself to look away when the Big B's start flopping and flashing, but I was spending more time counting the bird seeds our dove threw on the floor than actually watching the show, that just isn't that factor is now dramatically reduced thus increasing my enjoyment level(while I am sure a number of other male viewers will STOP watching now that she is off.)

I suspect we will see more of the culture of China shown once there is a few more challenges under their belt.

Frosti is standing out as an interesting guy... then there is the gay mormon... interesting mix there...Chicken was booted the first week, that was too bad, having the "character" character around makes for some fun interactions...

Adoption wise, sounds like a small batch, although nothing confirmed...well, let the Thursday show ritual begin!

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guess who said...

Have to say hoo hum.... I wouldn't mind counting the seeds or the droppings from our Maggie...sometimes I think she's far more entertaining - but then I'm prejudice... she gives the best cuddles.