Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yes, we are still here...

Yes, we are still alive...busy as all get out... not too happy to not even have time to blog...

So 18 months LID(back on the 19th), 1.5 years,probably another year, give or take some time *insert eye roll here*.

With the wait time people wonder if we should switch, in a word...."NO!"

Our heart is with our girl in China, it would feel like she would be abandoned twice, no way we could do that.That is reason enough.

If we were to consider a switch, say to Vietnam, it would still take around a year, and domestic has a number of concerns beyond wait times for us so we aren't considering that. Other countries are saying they have shorter wait times, but a number of china bound folks are dropping out and switching so I suspect wait times will quickly become longer there also.

We know the China Olympics will be yet another delay, in some way, in the process...but when it all comes down to it, you gotta be true to your heart...

Dec 18 I get my final shots, should have been September, man in some ways time sure flies...

What else is new:

*Enjoying Survivor China, we have only missed a couple of them. Heroes has 1 episode to go, Office is effected by the writers strike... and the snow is falling so seems we will be hitting the moive watching trend again soon.

*Costco got the Welch's fruit snacks back(they had another brand for a couple months)- I did a dance of joy, those things are so darn good!

*Only have gift certificates to buy to finish my Christmas shopping, got the rest done, Yahoo!

*We have successfully resisted the urge to buy a pet, of any kind, 3 times in the last month and a half. We know it is the urge to nurture and care for something, ANYthing, that is driving it while we are waiting.

*Cara has made some solid decisions on paint color and we have purchased a bunch of stuff to decorate the house and will be changing the paint color at some point soon. The quest to complete this is nearly done!

Well, I smell Chinese food cooking upstairs for supper... must go "supervise" to ensure everything turns out okay ;)

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Janet said...

Sounds like you two are keeping busy...which is a good way to be these days. You need a pet? Want a cat that sheds a lot? Tee hee.