Monday, December 03, 2007

Cold days, fun stuff

Winter is here, blowing snow, windchill factors, and the white stuff has arrived.
Last week was a really intense week with lots of work done(3 family counselling situations, sermon presentation, meetings, plus my nomral Kids ministry stuff), so I am giving myself a gift and actually taking time off(time earned)to chill...err WRONG word...RELAX, that is better word choice...

For me that mean curling up with a good book, either comic book or novel, todays choice-comic books. Even with the cold weather a slurpee usually goes well in this situation, but I am just not sure I want to get out of my jammies to go...perhaps I can convince my wife to go get it for me... hmmmm :)

I am hoping this little break rewards me with my body actually not getting sick, it has been giving me a couple subtle signs that a cold is wanting to take hold. I really don't want to go there. I HATE being sick. I just want to be left alone when I get sick. One, I don't want to spread the germs anywhere else, second, my male self suffiency gene kicks in and I am hard pressed to accept any help to get better, except for back rubs, back rubs are ALWAYS acceptable, anytime, anywhere!!!

Heroes finale should be on the tube tonite, that will be fun. The only perceived downer on this day is that I have to prepare some stuff for a conflict resolution event for Saturday, and have to talk through some of those details tonight, so I have to think about it sometime today. Oh well, whatever :) .

On the pet front, some great friends of ours are getting a Beagle for their family for Christmas, so I am looking forward to some puppy interaction. Sorry Janet, you can keep your cat :) LOL.

Congrats to the Septmember LID folks who just recently made it through the review room. In the next week or so I suspect we will see how many days of matching the CCAA got through this month. Got no expectations this time, I hope it is at least a weeks worth... we will see.


Janet said...

WHAT? You don't want my cat? I'm shocked. :-)

Glad you could take some time off to relax....but a SLURPEE? IN THIS WEATHER? Brrrrrr, man! You should go for tea instead.....:-)

Enjoy the Beagle. I think they are SO cute!

mum said...

I had a beagle over Friday night - guess what he did downstairs? Yep! They are cute - hyper though. Hope Cara went out to get you a slurpee :)...RIGHT! If she did - I want to hear about it.