Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yesterday followup

Yesterday was awesome! I didn't bother asking Cara about getting me a slurpee, I ended up with gingerbread cookies instead, a nice alternative! Spent the whole day on the coach, reading, relaxing, it was great! Read through a couple of big trade paperbacks(compilations of comic books stories for those of you not in the loop).

Cara has her special little friend over and Cara and Miss I had a grand time making cookies, I watched and thought, one day that will be our Julia there, that will be cool!

Heroes finale was more of a cliff hanger than I thought it would be, well done. Bring on Survivor Thursday :)

The mediation prep went well we will see how Saturday goes.

Back to the grind and time to punch out a bunch of stuff this week at work and get a bunch of loose ends tied up! *puts head down and just gives 'er*

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Janet said...

Glad you had a relaxing day....we all need those once in awhile....