Monday, December 31, 2007


We were off doing the Family Christmas run the last 10 days or so. We had the chance on the 22nd to visit a good friend who is battling for the second time, the fight against leukemia. Her attitude and faith are incredible!

We then spend time with Cara's family, including a joint birthday celebration for her and her youngest sister. We did the murder mystery supper. The meal was awesome, and the mystery was a lot of fun. There were some awkward moments, such as when my mother-in-law was apparently nibbling on Shannon's husbands ear, or when my wife was apparently having an affair with the exact same person(soap opera anyone?!). But it was still a fun experience, and was a good time to be goofy and enjoy everyone's company.

Cara's middle sister and her husband have a 2 year old. She is a delight, and having a kid around for Christmas brings a freshness and excitement to everyone, so it was fun to watch her enjoying everything. She is a happy, boundless energy bundle of joy.

Then on Boxing day down to Calgary for a visit with my family. That was nice. Also got to take in Murray Hatfield's Magic and Miracles magic show. A decent show, and anytime I can see decent live magic, it is worth it.

(Picture of young girl playing DDR)
The theme for my gifts this year seemed to focus on reading, I got a bunch of books, love that. Also got another DDR dance pad(if you don't know what DDR is, you are missing out on a fun aspect of life- it is a game where the screen scrolls with a pattern of arrows you have to follow by stepping on the dance pad in the right pattern. I have no dance ability, but it is a fun activity and good exercise.)

There were other gifts, and I feel blessed by family and friends who gave thoughtful and practical gifts.

The only downer out of the trip has been yet another visit to Calgary where I have been unable to connect with the Vietnamese church I pastored a number of years ago. I miss that group so much. A part of my heart still remains there, special times with special people.

The New Year is gonna be an interesting adventure, hopefully by the end of it we will be gifted with at least a referral picture of our daughter to be, but it isn't gonna be boring until then either.

Upcoming adventures will include KungFu Randy: The adventure begins(I will be trying to start some sort of martial arts classes this year) and Cerebral Randy-I am working on trying to get some writing done and published.

Happy New Year to all and to all happy blog surfing!


Janet said...

A GREAT BIG HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU GUYS! And a happy belated birthday to Cara!!!!!

mum said...

Whose going to be your "editor" sweetheart?