Wednesday, December 19, 2007

LID 19

Number 19 is here!

Yesterday I got my final Twinrex shot, she hit a muscle, so moving my arm today keeps me alert ;) !

Todd won survivor, and we find out that Denise keeps the mullet type hair style because she needs it short for kitchen work, but still wants to be girlie for her hubby, good on her, most hubbies like long hair. I was blessed to have my wife grow hers out over the last year, and has just recently gone back to a shorter version, to make it more manageable, but it is a blessing when the little ladies do these simple things for their simple men. :)

We are doing a joint Bday party for Cara and her youngest sister, a murder mystery night. I am excited, should be a blast. I am the bodyguard of the deceased, Cara is the newly widowed lady... I hope I didn't do it, I love playing detective(I set up a detective agency and hired myself out when I was younger...did pretty good $$ wise at it too :) ). The sleuthing skills may be a bit rusty, but we will see.

Looking forward to seeing family during the holiday time... Merry Christmas to all. Celebrate Jesus!


Krista's Camera said...

I do love your LID updates! I can't believe you're almost into the 20's! Hope you have a great time at the MM nite! Happy early b'day Cara!

Janet said...

Oh, I love those detective games! So much fun! I was the murderer once, much to my shock! :-)

And the hair thing......yeah, I'm trying to grow mine out, but it's really not behaving. I'm not sure if Anthony has noticed it....LOL! He's SUCH a guy!

PS- I wanted DENISE to win Survivor. She was much nicer than all the others. Sigh.