Friday, April 04, 2008

Adoption 2 but 1 status

Our US adoption is clicking away. We are awaiting official word from the Alberta gov't that they give us the nod, the profile and the smaller paper work trail is complete and mailed off to our US contact today. Once we get official Alberta word, we will get our homestudy updated and from there it is full steam ahead.

April 16 we have a phone interview with the US contact.
Got the financial updates and refinancing stuff sent off.
Cara bought 2 sets of PJ's for the we go again! ;)

So the sooner Anne Scully gets that approval done for the Alberta Gov't thing will go quick for a splurt, and then if the homestudy update goes quick, we are completed in amazing time what we can do.


Janet said...

Hooray! SOunds like things are motoring along. I pray that you will be done soon, and that you will hear news....even sooner. :-)

Anonymous said...

Anne oh Anne how I remember you from days gone by. Praying on!