Friday, April 04, 2008

A day off

What do I do on a day off, well since no one asked, I will tell you anyway ;)

Typically I like to do as little as possible, but to seem like a super hero I will tell you of my last day off.

The day starts with me helping Cara make pancakes and bacon for breakfast, we then talk and plan our calender for the month(visits, meetings, her craft classes, my kung fu stuff...)

I then do some calls contacting some folks about US adoption stuff, getting finance stuff going etc.

Then off to the store, need to check to find a good deal on a lawn mower, stop by Walmart(no good deals yet), browse through the dvd and playstation games, then off to the comic shop to pick up comics. A run across the street to the Christian book store to get some supplies for Sunday(Okay it was work related, on a day off, but it was close!)

Stop by 7-11 for a slurpee and home to read some comics and enjoy a slurpee. From there I went out and raked the front lawn(the snow is gone from the front). I put a lot of work into it last year and I want to keep building it up and getting it healthier and a deeper root base. After that I ironed some shirts(Cara will do it for me, although she hates ironing, but I felt like it and we take turns doing it). From there my domestic gene kicked in and I did some dusting(something we both don't like to do) and washed the floor.

Then half and hour of playstation games, supper, catch Survivor on TV and then off to Kung fu. Home to shower, unwind for an hour then off to bed.

Terribly exciting I know. :)

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Anonymous said...

This is your mother speaking!!!!!! You you - oh what the heck.... You never did listen to me.

I love you :)