Thursday, May 22, 2008

Room update

The room is painted and 99% forthcoming. Cara bought a new digital camera but it didn't load onto our computer,so this post is being done on a laptop we purchased. Once I get all the necessary things going on it, we will get pictures up. We are really pleased with how the room turned out.

The earthquakes in China are major, and we have no idea what that could mean to the time lines etc. I know most, if not all the orphanges in the area were okay, but the school disasters were major, so a lot of loss of young life.

No new news on the US adoption front, we continue to wait and pray a birth mom will pick us so that we can run with that connection...

Cara's sister and baby boy are visiting for a few days so that is fun...

Well, my windows update is done... time to reboot...I sure hope Windows Vista isn't as bad as what the Mac ads say!


Janet said...

Um, HELLOOOOO? Pictures, people! I want the goods! ;-)

KL said...

If you are in China, pls ask around:

*Why the relatively newer school buildings collapsed worse than the much older structures?

*Any kickbacks involved when built? Execute them!!

*Can PRC be a superpower if kickbacks/bribery continue as usual?