Thursday, May 08, 2008

SC baby names

Well the discussions have been intense and long, much thought, discernment, battling it out in the trenches to come up with names...okay, actually it was a pretty fun and enjoyable ride...

The "pet name" at this point is "our little bean".

Because we don't know if we will get a boy or a girl from South Carolina we have come up with a name for each gender...

For a boy- Stephen James. Stephen is my middle name... James... we just like the ring of it, plus the book of James is one of my favorite New Testament books. :)

For a girl- LilyKate ...middle name still in progress. We went with names that just sounded right to us, we didn't research out meanings or anything this time.

And, hope you are all seated for this amazing news....Cara has FINALLY decided on a paint color for the baby room. I know, I know, miracles still do occur ;). We will pick it up this week and my goals is that before the May long weekend is done, it will be painted.

What color is it? Well we will leave that a secret, as I am sure she will be snapping pictures to chronicle the event, so we will post some of those soon.

We also went shopping for baby essentials today, monitor, baby bath, fingernail clippers, bath towel(hooded duck) and face cloths, some bedding...when we bought our car seat months ago, we bought it thinking we would start with an 8 month old or so...fortunately there is something made which you can use in an existing seat that maes it work for newborns, so that was a relief, so we snagged that!

It was REALLY nice to do something that made things feel real, it has been a while due to the China wait.

Our home study is now sitting on Anne Scully's desk awaiting official approval, but we are saying we are open to be matched now, and IF we get a match and the paperwork isn't signed there, we will just be firing a call to that office on the way to the airport telling her to move that thing to the top of the pile and sign it already! :)

I am also sooo jazzed on the prospect of a new senior pastor coming on board. We voted 100% to invite him, we will know later in the week if he accepts. I am excited!! I think the potential to be a great team with him is big and the possibilities are exciting!

Been busy, busy, busy and looking forward to a few extended days off soon to catch up on the rest of life, and so in a nutshell there we have the latest!


Krista's Camera said... brother inlaw is gonna be pretty flattered if it's a boy! ;-) Since his name is Stephen James..even spelled the same way! Good choice! And love the name for the girl..never heard LilyKate before! Can't wait to see photos of the baby's room!

amy said...

Love the names!~ Glad I found your blog, we are adopting from China as well!

Anonymous said...

OK - I'll be calling her Lilycake... and probably Jamie.. cause if I call him Stephen it will be Randal Stephen

I'm allowed - I'm her/his grandma

mum :)

Janet said...

Wow. I go away for five weeks and you go and decide to adopt from SC? Aren't you supposed to consult me first? LOL! Just kidding! What GREAT news! I am so happy for you! Here's hoping you get a referral soooooon!

PS- I need pictures of the baby's room....:-)