Thursday, November 27, 2008

kick in the pants-General edition

A blogging friend I follow (Hi Janet- thanks for always posting on my blog :) ) came upon a fun idea which she has been posting about occasionally, so I decided to steal the idea and do my own version. It is deciding who needs a kick in the pants and why, and in virtual reality giving them one. So here is a general kickin, Kung fu style...

One crescent kick to the chin to the folks who speed thru mushy intersections spraying pedestrians with snow, water or muck. Show some courtesy!!

One sharp front kick to the face for those nitwits who can't count and go to the self serve grocery store checkout with more items than allowed. sure a bit of grace in counting but not 10-12 items more, give me a break!

One quick shin kick, to the shin(obviously) for those irresponsible pet owners that let their animals run free, leaving little gifts in everyone else's yard and running the risk of getting killed on the street. These folks also get a kick from my mom, and she will aim a BIT higher and centralized, if you catch my drift!

One heart kick to the morons who make processes for adopting families harder,rather than supporting them. Now they might have a sliver of knowing what it feels like.

One back kick to those ignorant folks who think we shouldn't help those in the third world with relief and support efforts.

My favorite kick, one roundhouse kick to the head of people who spam emails with all their immoral crap, keep it under the rock where you live already, we don't need anyone seeing that nonsense!

Finally,One quick side kick to the kidneys to those drivers who don't know the rules of a 4 way stop. Grab a manual folks and learn before you kill someone or back traffic up because you wave everyone and their dog thru even though you don't have the right away to begin with!!! Okay, seriously, this one deserves 2 kicks!

Gee that was fun! must find more folks to kick in the pants...


Janet said...

Phew! I escaped without a kick in that one. :-) Great post! I'm with you on all of them!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha - good therapy - thanks son.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add one.. a clip to the side of the head to all Calgarians who drive John Laurie at 7:30 a.m. and honk their horns because I have my cruise set on 70 km (speed limit) and I'm going too slow for them...Where is that cop when you want him - Thank you for allowing me to voice this... your mother