Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Okay, file this one under "another dynamic of the long wait we didn't expect" file.

We made the decision to breast feed our babies, and by Cara taking certain herbs etc. she can generate milk. It takes a couple months for things to start flowing, so we began this process months ago, shortly after we decided to also pursue the US side of adoption.

There are lots of benefits to breastfeeding, attachment, health benefits for the little bean etc... so Cara has been faithfully taking the herbs and producing the milk, which we have been storing, as it is good for a year once frozen. Well, she has been at it now for months and the problem is, we have milk coming in, but no baby to use up the milk, so our deep freeze now has nearly half of it full of milk, so the other half is grown up food, if we don't get a baby soon...we are gonna starve ! LOL

So seriously, let's get the kid already, the room is ready, we are ready, the food is ready...only one piece missing.... :)


Anonymous said...

I'm with you there sweetie - and you forgot to mention there's milk at grandma's too....

Janet said...

No kidding! Bring on that baby!