Friday, September 18, 2009


This is a picture from a few months ago. We were taking shots in prep for me officially launching my magic business again, and I couldn't resist :)

Well my girl is 7 months old, she is crawling and is still a delight. Cara is gone for a retreat for 6 days so I am doing the single parent thing. Enjoying the time with her, but it is NICE to not have to always do it on your own. I was blessed with an amazing mom who raised me most of my life on her own.

Been thinking more of China these days, knowing, that at this point Julia is conceived and being carried by her birth mom. In another month the CCAA should be done matching March LIDS, so then we are a month and 19 days away(referral wise). I am speculating that Feb-May 2010 we should get a referral. Who knows, but that is my guess at this point.

6 months old shot, she loves the chicken shirt(it is all cracked, so there is a texture thing as well as a visual thing). And we found a superhero shirt for her, so basically it is the perfect shirts picture. :)

We got the court date to finalize things with Katie's adoption. I need to start citizenship/sponsorship papers for both my girls, UGH government paper work...

It has been a tremendous blessing the way Katie has been so loved and accepted by the people around us. My church is awesome, there is never a shortage of folks who want to love on her. That sure helps when we need to leave her with a sitter.

Speaking of which, yes, we have entered that stage...and yes someone has been having trouble with the separation...and no it is not Katie, it is her mom LOL!It is natural and one of those stages, not easy, but being a guy, and seeing the love the sitters have for her, I can relax. We have to leave her when we zip down to the States, that won't be fun, separation wise :(


Charlotte said...

You are one AWESOME daddy!!!!
I can't wait for baby Julia to arrive. I pray for her every night.
Our little China doll will have a beautiful big sister to love on her.
Much love from Charlotte

Janet said...

Randy, she is BEAUTIFUL. Cara, I TOTALLY sympathize with you. :-)