Thursday, October 22, 2009


Katie at Free comic book day a few months ago.
Well 41 months logged in, we know it will be at least 48 months, 4 years until we are close to a referral. We are getting close!

Life has been BUSY. Katie is 8 months old, she started crawling a month ago and after a week of that decided to try walking so she is hanging onto anything she can find and trying to walk. We have had a couple of colds etc to deal with with her, but she is good natured even when sick, just clingy and whines when not held. She has such an amazing smile and gets tons of attention anytime she is out. Here hair is growing lots, and having a "fro" is a fun look for her(and us to see). We are sadly waiting for the time her hair turns hard and we have to deal with it differently.

I have been swamped with magic shows since September started, which has been great, but figured Xmas would be the busy time, but it is slow right now. We will see. It has been fun to get back into that and I am slowly getting to the stage of creating new stuff, which is quite exciting and has a whole new level to it than the stuff I have fine tuned over the years and have been my trademark tricks.

Cara has pulled back, sales wise with her studio and is diversifying what she is doing in that realm, and after some initial stress in working that out, is back to enjoying it fully.

We lost my grandfather "Pop" Sept 28. That has been hard, but we are thankful he was around and got to enjoy Katie, some of our last memories of him is with Katie in his arms and a huge smile on BOTH of their faces.

My mom is done with Chemo and is doing well, we praise God for that and look forward to MANY years of her hugging and loving on both Katie and Julia.

The only complaint I have about my dear daughter is she loves grabbing my glasses, gets this innocent look, "what do you mean let go?" and I have to pry her strong
little fingers off them, then she gets this sly little smile on her face...8 months and she is already trying to play me... not looking forward to the Teen years!!! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Katie! what did grandma say when you locked on to her glasses? I know "that" look your daddy's talking about young lady. See grandma's crocked finger wagging at you? hahah