Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book Review-Out live Your Life. Max Lucado

Great author, great title, decent read, outstanding discussion guide! How is that for a one sentence review! It is an easy read, but it isn’t one that jumps out and grabs you. Max uses some good examples, draws nicely from the scriptures that talk about the Acts church, and does try to make this a book that draws in the everyday things of life and accents some biblical principles to try to leave a legacy, or make your life count for God’s kingdom.

It is let me explain, because this is really the strength of the whole book. The principles he talks about are not new, they aren’t earth shattering, they aren’t dramatic, BUT if they are lived out they ARE radical and world changing. What is deceptive is that when you read it you can’t discount what he says, but it is very easy to deceive yourself and discount ACTING on any of it. Because this is rubber meets the road, practical faith shown through works and attitudes stuff, it isn’t the latest fad, the newest hyped “thing”, yet if we did ANY of the principles in it our lives WOULD make a difference.

This is where the discussion guide is AMAZING! Good questions to discuss as we all love to spent time TALKING about our faith, but half of the guide has very pointed and achievable ACTIONS for you to take, and you can really tell this is the heart of the truth in this book. Get the book, if you don’t have time to read it, just jump to the end, read and respond to the discussion guide, and you will be WELL on your way to making a difference. Don’t let the easy reading style of the book fool you. Take some action steps and Max’s heart for this book will come to life!

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