Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September is here

Picture of me in the local paper from a gig I recently did.

Here we go...will it be this month or next? still a couple weeks until we know!

All of a sudden after 4.5 years of waiting we suddenly have lots of projects to get down...ripping out closet walls to expand stuff, laying carpet, paneling walls,building a cosleeper bed, and this at my work peak season with Sunday school stuff trying to get going and fall programming...CRAZY ride time!!!

My birthday is coming up, so as a gift to myself I took money from shows to buy a bigger illusion so I have a big closer for stage shows, so we are quickly building up the stuff I need to perform ANYwhere for any group. I am also working on some more youth oriented magic-razor blade swallowing, some crazy mentalism type things...Now the real trick is finding the time to get these things stage ready!

Cara is scaling back her scrapbooking stuff a bit more,thus the ability to renovate the basement a bit, Katie is a delight until she "goes sideways" and we see a bit of a drama queen with an attitude emerge,this stage can pass quickly LOL!

busy times but details are not all that exciting, we are in our anticipating and waiting stage, it is permeating our entire home, we know a new normal is about to be unleashed, so we crouch and wait to embrace it...

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