Thursday, March 10, 2011

How the girls are doing

Grandma and Julia

Katie checking out videos on the camcorder.

The girls are doing well together and we have survived the "Everyone get sick in some way" month of February( I was spared).

Julia is 24 pounds and developing well. We need to get on immunizations soon(I have to find the video where I got her medical sheet on those translated verbally...).she is bouncing on her bum to get places and is so close to forward crawling, we sense she hits times of frustration over not being able to participate as fully as her sister. She has also grown to develop more of a sense of self entitlement(this is a good thing, in this case, for this stage of things),where she will cry if a toy she wants gets taken away or if she isn't getting the type of attention she wants.

I have been pleased to have her express some healthy dissatisfaction when daddy leaves and am loving seeing 2 beautiful smiling faces greet me at the door(Cara usually takes that time to run to the washroom for a "break" and know she can have a few minutes of silence and to do her thing before Katie marches in wondering what is going on and what can she turn on, push a button on, or pull off a shelf) Thus the reason why it isn't 3 beautiful smiling faces greeting me :)!

Julia is getting much more vocal and one of the things to expect each supper meal is the competition to see who is louder, Katie, Julia or Mummy(Mummy is trying to spoil the fun and have then tone it down, and she wins every time ;) ).

Julia hasn't been sleeping as well as we would like, we aren't sure if it is because we changed the sleep situation from the co sleeper attached to the bed to the co sleeper set up right beside the bed, or what. But the extra disruptions, sleep wise, is certainly wearing on my faithful wife.

We are certainly anxious for the snow and cold weather to stop so that there is more options to get out.

In other news, I will be speaking at a Focus on the Family Adoption awareness event in Edmonton, in conjunction with the Steven Curtis Chapman concert being held later that day. Still have a bunch of prep to do, including the debut of a brand new magic trick I will close my chat with, "dreams of orphan care" where the dream a spectator creates about how to care for orphans matches the dream I had, and had displayed in a sealed envelope in front of them the entire time.Fingers crossed on that :)!

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