Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lost Daughters- Review

Lost Daughters of China- DVD Review

Got this a bit ago, but life has been insane. This is worth having, if for NO other reason, it helps show others in your family etc. what you will experience.

Having read a ton of other families journey to “gotcha day” on blogs, this wasn’t new to me. In fact the blogs give much more detail. But families aren’t likely gonna surf the web and read other peoples blogs, sending them this to view and pass along will help them get a feel for it and can open doors to help then explain about how you need to parent differently to build attachment(ie meaning other family contact with the child will be radically reduced for some time until that bond is established between child and parents).

So I highly recommend it. Send it to family…oh and include some Kleenex, they’ll need it!


Janet Tuininga said...

We also recently got this DVD and found it wonderful! It's so nice to read your blog and to share in the joy of getting a new child through the love of our Heavenly Father! How exciting to see your prayer for your baby, Cara, and how beautiful! It made me tear up! I'll definitely read your blog A LOT!
Janet from your FOI list

Mum said...

Looking forward to receiving this sometime soon (I hope) :)

mum said...

Rec'd Friday and watched Friday night. Mixed emotions-heart warming and heart wrenching. Have passed along to the great grandparents.

Anonymous said...
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