Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Emotions Galore!

Does anyone else tear up when they see the baby section of the stores...?

I have been a bit emotional about everything that is linked to our baby, that we are eventually recieving, these days.

I catch myself staring at the beauty of an Asian woman's face, or even better a young childs. I am trying to imagine my little one, and what she will look like.

I catch myself tearing up when we walk into a store and I feel we have to go to the baby section just to see... when what has occured is always finding just one more item for her growing wardrobe... I think she will be the best dressed little one I have ever met! :)

Even more emotions emerge when the FOI Newsletter arrives at our home. It is Randy and my ritual that we wait to look at it until we are together, and then we read it to eachother, and look at each picture so carefully. It's like a treasured photo album of people we know and love dearly... so funny really.... I am sure that is not normal!

What I think ruins me the most is when we read parenting books together, or an insight into great bonding technique...which of course means cuddles and loves.... so that just sets me right over the edge.... so many tears...

I just wonder if there are extra hormones that kick in when you know you will have an adoption..... I feel and sound like a pregnant woman these days!

CRAZY is what I feel.

Am I loosing it?

I am sure it is just Love... intense love. I felt it similarily when I knew I loved Randy... but somehow I thought it would be more like this when we got closer to the reality of getting her.... like when we recieved the photo ....

I thought you might identify with my ...too real... sharing.. and I hope it will encourage some other mom or dad to be... that your at least not as crazy as me...


Bursting with Love,


mum said...

I know I pay closer attention to the Asian children now - and wonder what our little girl is going to look like. Unlike you Cara - I'm finding it difficult to imagine being a grandma when I don't have a picture of her yet - but I am confident you are NOT CRAZY - "in love" for sure.

randy & cara said...

Thanks mum,

I am glad to not seem too off the wall... I so look forward to seeing her little face.

mmmm... sweetness.


Janet said...

I'm with you Cara. Not sure if there are "actual" real hormones involved. I have four kids and even thinking about this new one makes me tear up too. So, I guess if we're hormonal messes, we can be hormonal messes together! I think it's wonderful. And I have to admit, I take a closer look when I see Asian children too! Our might just look like that......
Janet T.

ladybugmommy said...

I hear you loud and clear. I am a mess of tears and emotions just talking about adopting from China, sometimes I can't even think about it and there are days when I can't even look at my favorite blogs. It seems like our adoption is so far away...sixteen to eighteen weeks from LID is LONG! There is lots to do in the meantime and everyone says it goes by fast...I hope so.

randy & cara said...

i am so glad to hear that i am not the only one with hormones out of whack... thanks ladies.

i feel dumb asking this but did you say 16-18 weeks from LID...? ours was 14 months from LID... have i gotten something messed up in my info, or are you on the fast train to CHINA?