Friday, August 25, 2006

More books

Got a few more books to add to her library. Shaoey and Dot is a book about adoption from Steven Curtis Chapman. It has the ladybug aspect which is such a part of Chinese Adoptions, but tells the story very simply, and with a Christian worldview. The other one is Shaoey dealing with fear of the dark, again with a clear teaching on God in the middle of all of this and how He is there to help.

Mulan is a Disney movie we enjoy and portrays Chinese culture as well as a positive strong female lead. Superstore had a moviebook version for sale for 94 cents!!! Can't beat that. I also got Jungle book. Again an adoption angle. I certainly am not gonna make ALL her books have this angle, but I figure now is the time to get these essential ones, and as time goes on, family, friends and Cara and I will add tons of other books and variety of book topics to her library. (I really hope she takes after her parents and likes to read!!!)


Janet said...

I've just ordered Shaoey and Dot too! Glad it's good- I figured it would be- by Steven Curtis Chapman.

Janet T.

kim said...

Thanks for the feedback on the books. I too have those on my WISH LIST and it makes me feel better buying them when I have heard good reviews!!!
I seem to never find the .94 cent bargains....hmmmm...