Friday, August 11, 2006

Daddy's ways to prepare for baby

It has been such a cool thing to watch Randy get connected to our Baby in so many different ways than I do. I love that there is a place where he is expressing his enthusiasm for preparing for the baby... (I'm talking about this Blog) and an outlet for him to learn and prepare as a parent through discussions and study... there have been many books that have found their way into his hands, and they are helping us to feel ready and to conjure up a plan for how to help our daughter to attach to us...

These and other learning forms will be such an asset for our parenting, and I feel like the prep is worth every moment it takes, and I pray that we will both absorb all of it, so that we will be an effective team in this journey with our treasure.

That was the unique part of what Randy is doing... now the rest is just like me... only... in Randy version.

When he arrived home a few days ago... he had done an errand and ended up in Walmart. There he discovered the baby section was having a sale... and came home with 2 adorable pieces to add to our daughters wardrobe. Humorously, one has pink on it....
so now he can't lecture me on our growing pink collection, and how it can't be the staple for what she owns.

I expect that it probably will be, no matter what we plan and purpose.

On his first day off, we wandered around Grande Prairie, exploring some stores and just enjoying the day together. On our journey, we pondered baby room decorations, and checked out a high end baby clothing store (in which we only looked. An ordinary day, turned baby focus... love it.

I see that sparkle in his eyes when he thinks about what it will be like to have her here. The other day we were watching some movie... oh yeah Mulan 2 and Randy piped up... "I can totally see us sitting here watching this with our daughter right here between us." yep... he's got it bad. my quiet introverted man... who gives very little of his personal thoughts away, is wrapped up in dreaming about baby.

cause I am too!



Janet said...

I love it that Randy is just as excited as you are Cara! My husband is the same. He just has a quieter way of showing it. :-)

Janet T.

ladybugmommy said...

I can't wait to meet you guys in sound like my kind of people! (Jeff has yet to go shopping on his own for any baby items...I will be posting on that for sure if it ever happens)