Monday, August 14, 2006

The Long Ride-Resource Story book

In the quest to be prepared I am constantly looking for any thing out there that will help, looking for ethnic looking dolls, asian stories that aren't filled with superstition etc, adoption resources and so on.

In our local Christian Book store found "The Long Ride-A story of Adoption and the family of God by Don Regier". It is a hard cover book. It is a flip book, with the story of international adoption told from the parents view and the view of 2 little asian girls who are sisters and getting adopted.

Book Description
One side of this flip-book introduces two orphaned Chinese girls and the other tells the story of a family searching for two girls to adopt. In the middle, the two stories unite the two groups and they become one special family.

Christianity Today : "With its beautiful Asian-inspired illustrations, this book touches on themes common to anyone who's taken on the international adoption process the paperwork, the travel, the fatigue, that first meeting, and, most importantly, God's presence in the processoand explains them to your child in a gentle, uplifting way."

It is a book that will be good for when she is older, to compare it to "I love you like crazy cakes", this book is more advanced in its details, vocabulary, and is more "factual" based. By that I mean you read it and it seems "mater of fact" whereas "I love you like crazy cakes" hits you more in the heart, emotionally. I got the book for this reason, that combined it covers the complete picture, and this book has some differences, ie this family already had kids, the mom did all the paperwork, sisters are being adopted, the differences I think make it stronger and will provide opportunity to talk to our daughter about the similarities and differences between our story and the books, sometimes things get caught better when contrasted rather than compared.

Another very nice aspect of this book is it ties in coming into God's family and the parents desire for these little girls to do that, along with joining their family, so the teaching on spiritual matters is another thing I very much appreciate about this story also.

I also bought Steven Curtis Chapman's books that are story books dealing with adoption. Just waiting for Amazon to ship em, then I will post my 2 cents on those also.

As a bonus, here is anothe Marvin cartoon "downloaded" hehhee...

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