Monday, August 14, 2006

An unexpected bonus to waiting- Playing the baby card

The Baby know it is probably the second most valid reason you have for wanting kids to start not only get the baby, but you get the baby card.

The baby card is able to be used in so many ways. Within your own home, the baby card gets used to explain why mom hasn't been able to do laundry, or clean up dishes(yet the phone was busy all day, so she was able to talk alright, or go out to visit friends....hmmmm) but the baby card saves the day, "With the baby around I just can't get anything done...". The baby card.

As a couple you look forward to playing the baby card at holidays, for years you have had to juggle your life, make the travel plans, and go to visit family, NOW you have leverage, the baby card, you can make family come to YOU. This works particularly well with the grandparents. Christmas rolls around, you drop a subtle "with baby around, travel is just so hard..." before the last word reaches across the phone line, your parents fingers do the walking and they have booked a plane ticket to come see the baby at Xmas time! NICE!

Now I knew that down the line we would have the chance to play the baby card, but, thanks, unwittingly, to my father-in-law, I have discovered that card is already in our possesion. We may not have baby yet, but we have the card, at least with limited power.

Here's how I discovered this. Our basement is cold, I agreed to get a fireplace put in, but lacking the skill to actually install it we knew we would have to ask my father-in-law to come and help. He is great at helping us with things like this, a real blessing. I am indebted to him as there is just no way stuff like this could happen without his willingness. In the past his willingness has been to bless us by doing it. However, he let it slip last night as we talked on the phone, in prep for him coming up today to install it, that his reason, was because baby was coming and he doesn't want her getting cold...I was dumbstruck, I had the baby card, and didn't know it, didn't even think of playing it at this time...

My mind went to work immediately...where else could this baby card be used right now, the rush of power was intoxicating...but then my childhood hero popped into mind...Spiderman, and his motto, "With great power comes great responsibility!"

RATS!!! I guess I will behave, besides, over half the thrill is knowing you have a card to play...(tucks card in back pocket, you just never know when it will be needed) :):)


Janet said...

Yep, that baby card comes in awfully handy......Just remember that when you are up half the night.... :-)

Janet T.

mum said...

L O L - bad card to play on a blog sweetheart... I'll be watching for that in the future. Lovingly, your mum.

randy & cara said...

Hey Mummy, the nice thing about the baby card, is, you can boldly play it, it is so powerful, it doesn't need to be snuck in to accomplish its task :) lol

Queen*Caitlin said...

Hey Randy and Cara. Caitlin Wilson here! :) I just checked out your blog and enjoyed reading lots of stuff about your BABY JOURNEY! :) I'll be praying for you as you continue on this adventure. What a blessing when she is finally at home with you... :)


ladybugmommy said...

Laughing at this...because it is sooooo true!!!! We never used it enough the first time around. We will make up for it this time. My husband would love the Superman anology, he is also a comic book fanatic. I will be sure to share this with him.

ManAlive said...

finally a visit to the baby blog! Good to see whats new with this and enjoy playing the baby card. What suit is that card? Ha, the birthday suit?