Monday, September 18, 2006

4th month LID

Well, tomorrow will mark the 4 month mark of being logged into China's system, so that means ,roughly, because when dealing with timeline it is always roughly until it turns rushedly ;), that our wait should be 8-10 months from now and we should receive our match and see who our daughter will be.

That means that around now, give or take, she should be close to being born, as the average age when you get her is anywhere from 6-11 months old. It is hard to know how to pray, when you aren't sure if she is born yet or not.

So on this celebration of month four... what does one do?


1. I still have to get her sponsorship papers done.
2.I still need to get my shots for the trip.
3.We need to decide on the type of Snuggly we think is best and get that purchased.
4.Nursery set up(paint plus getting a couple important pieces of furniture).
5.Decide on a bottle set up...which seems far more involved and nebulous than the Snuggly choice.

That would be the top 5 things for now to work towards.

Fall has hit quickly and I have found I have not had nearly the time to focus and think about this whole adoption thing nearly as much. Which isn't a bad thing at this point, considering the length of the race at this point. I have found I spend much less time surfing at blogs of families who are presently getting their child, and just sticking to a few familar blogs, most of which are in the same stage of waiting I am at. We have held back buying more baby stuff, you know the cute stuff, the clothes, the books, I think that part is satisfied, at least for a time(plus we are prepared to store much more of it at this point!!!). My mother in law just sent us some clothes for her that they found, another set of pink for the closet(it is VERY nice, top,pants and coat set...for friends and family reading this, pink is okay, but there ARE other colors to dress her in ;). We are just as bad, we have contributed waaaay too much to the pink pile!

Work is busy and that is good, it keeps me from drifting too far into baby daydream mode. And Fall brings a whole new list of tasks to do before it snows... winterizing the yard, getting chopping and storing firewood, preparing the bonsai for will be no time and month five and six will be gone, we will look to Christmas, that will, I am sure bring the baby longings back for a time, then 2007 will be here and having a better idea of the timeline and being able to speculate closer to which month it will be...


Janet said...

I can't WAIT to follow you guys' journey to China! We still have to decide on the bottles and snuglis too! We are approaching our two month anniversary, so still a loong wait.

Janet T.

ladybugmommy said...

Wahooo...I love seeing those numbers increase...I love sharing these anniversaries with you's to 4 months gone and the next 10-14 to FLY!!!!