Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Patience... as a virtue...

Well I know that I am not unique in my desire for the time until my baby is in my arms, to be quicker. I am not fooled by that lie. What I do wonder is what is it about Patience, that I don't have it. I think it is Time... Time is what it takes to learn patience. So you can't learn it the first time around... it is not an easy virtue to attain, or that you always just have it.... it is a learned thing... a trial by fire type growth, that requires you to trust and know the one you trust... which takes time... and willingness to put your heart out into the hands of the one you are trusting. He is trustworthy... actually i really know that well, so i need to just connect the dots here... He is trustworthy, so i can patiently leave it in his hands.... trusting that he has the best timing... and has it all undercontrol. As well... He has a reason for the wait.

I remember a little song from which I began my learning as a child. It was a music machine tune... about a turtle who had to learn patience.
"Have patience, have patience,
don't be in such a hurry,
when you get impatient
you only start to worry
remember... remember...
that God is patient too
and think of all the times
when others have to wait for you...."

seems funny to say that God is patient... but it is true... As a gentleman, he never pushes his way in my face, and allows me to learn things at my pace.

even patience... hmmmmm

not that I like to admit to it, but there are many things i don't learn quickly enough.

so much in fact, that this topic is one I have been learning since early childhood... and still have yet to master. i guess that is why we are given another opportunity to learn it...

well that , and the process is on the slow train to China....

hee hee.

just thought i would ponder aloud....
thanks for listening.



ladybugmommy said...

Ahhh Patience. I have to admit I have very little of it. It is something I work so hard at. My mom used to say she thought I would make a wonderful teacher but she wondered if I would ever make it as I had so little patience. Funny, my family thinks I now have more patience than anyone...unfortunately it mostly applies to having patience for children...not waiting for the ones to come into our family. Your blog entry helped and I will try to place what I cannot control into His hands.

Janet said...

I sing that song to my kids ALL the time! Hee hee! They just "love" it. ;-) It is hard sometimes to put it in God's hands, but with His strength, I know we can wait it out. He knows what is best for us! And I'm glad, 'cause otherwise I might wonder WHY I HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG! (be patient, be patient......la la la)

Janet T.

randy & cara said...

you are an encouragment to me.
thanks so much for interacting to my dialogue...