Sunday, December 03, 2006

December is here!

Well, it has been a bit of time since I posted last. got the camera fixed, or so they say, so I need to get those pics posted I mentioned.

Referrals came in for folks LID for the first bit of September. Congrats to them, they(CCAA) don't seem to be able to pump a month worth out, this means things continue to be slow. BAH!

My hope is we will get a referral mid to late summer, but at this point who knows. Bah HUMBUG!

Onto brighter news. We decorated the house and tree for the season, Cara is delighted, she loves Christmas and all the stuff that goes with it. She keeps saying with glee," It is snowing!" I growl. The white stuff can stop anytime, every day or second day, more shovelling. I haven't touched the deck, just got 3 words to say, "TOO MUCH SNOW!"

We are both over the nasty cold/flu bug that is circulating,and things should be almost at a slow down place at work, so hopefully I can get ahead on some stuff.Just have to keep busy, try to make the time fly by faster. Holiday is gonna be tough, wishing we had her, but surely by the NEXT one we will.

Well Amazing Race is on, can't wait for the snails pace of our race to get to the stage we are racing to China!


Anonymous said...

Hi Folks

Yes it is winter on the praries and it came to Regina with a vengence this week too. We too have been busy getting ready for Christmas and thinking of the Christmas's to come when our Olivia is finally home.

Take care

Liam and Sherry-Lou
DTC Oct 31

Janet said...

I love Amazing Race too! One of our favourite shows! And the snow! It just keeps on coming, doesn't it? Our kids are delighted! Don't think hubby is delighted, though. He has to plough the driveway. And it's REALLY long! Poor guy!

ladybugmommy said...

I like the connection between the Amazing Race and the race we are on to China, that is taking many twists and turns...looks like it may be a longer series than we first thought from the pilot episode when wait times were only 6-8 months...the reward will be great though and we will all win.