Saturday, December 30, 2006

Toy box and other assembled items

Our IKEA toy box. It is a good size, the teddy bear is a HUGE one I gave to Cara on one of our first dates. I like the toy box as it has hinges that hold the lid up so it won't slam down on tiny fingers, and it has a buffer space when the lid is closed so fingers don't get pinched.

Asian Cabbage Patch kid. Toys R Us. Was told on a Yahoo group I am a part of that Walmart was carrying these, I scoured the place, with no luck. Found this just after Xmas at Toys R Us. The hair chages color in places when you touch it. I immediately had a Father reaction,"Will this make her think she can dye her hair? THAT is NOT gonna happen...". Then a spot of common sense hit me(or was that Cara?!) and I realized no need to worry yet about that :) .

Another IKEA purchase. The change table. It is in the book case/chest of drawers option here. I liked the versatility. The top folds down into the change table. When she outgrows that need, it will serve well as a chest of drawers.

REALLY early on in the adoption process, Cara purchased the very first outfit for Julia.

HERE is a pciture of the closet now. One the right there are a few adult things, but 75% of that which is hanging is baby stuff, plus all the stuff on the floor etc.

So with all this stuff where is there ROOM to put the baby?? :)


mum said...

You know I don't like the color "apple green" but that little suit will look absolutely beautiful on our Julia... Good pick Cara.

chicki-poo said...

thanks mom.... i love green... so you will have to learn to love it.. and i know you will because our precious one will be wrapped in it!
hee hee