Monday, December 18, 2006

Seven months LID

7 months into it. So likely(hopefully) that is the half way mark of THE WAIT.

Update- still haven't got my shots(NO, I am NOT scared of needles), or done the immigration papers(can't move the mountain of bills and other papers that have landed on top of it.)

I still need to take pics of some stuff to spice up the blog(don't hold your breath, way things are going it will be January, and I don't want you nice folks passing out :) )


I HAVE thought a lot about my daughter, kept up on posting or lurking at some great adoption blogger sites, I HAVE avoided the temptation to spend too much time at the Rumor Queen site(which is a reason for higher blood pressure waiting to happen).

I have kept busy at work. It has been just over a year, and I am feeling as blessed to be here as I was a year ago. The support and care for us as people has been amazing and the support of us as we wade through this adoption marathon has been very encouraging. Our church is as anxious and anticipating the arrival of our gift as we are(well not to the SAME degree of anxiety as us, but you get the idea). They are poised ready to celebrate with us at any step along the way. It is great to be in this kind of Christian fellowship.

Hang in there my precious little one, I suspect you are born now...your Heavenly Daddy will hold you untill the papertrail parts and I can get there for ya!

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Anonymous said...

Sigh. Your posts are always so nice. I loved it when you said " your heavenly Father will hold you until I can come and get you...." my sentiments exactly! And I hope you are right.......14 months would be okay with me. We're still at 5 months, but if I knew it was 14, I could stand it....24 months? AAAAAHHHHHH! I hope not! Merry Christmas!

Janet T.