Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Not even gonna mention

... that they only porcessed 2 days worth of dossiers...unreal... just can't go there...

so in random news...

Enjoyed anniversary number 5, that went well and was enjoyed by all :).

Enjoyed worshipping with our church family on Easter Sunday, it was nice not having anything to do for a change, so I could just sit and enjoy...that changes back to normal now, with me preaching the next 2 weeks while Bill is away(the senior Pastor). Got a good jump on it so I am hopeful this will be a kick butt productive week that allows me to not just catch up but get ahead on some things so I can focus on preparing for camp. Although the snow isn't gone yet, camp will be here WAAAAY too soon.

Enjoyed the first of the 2 Pretender movies, will watch the second one maybe this week.

On Sunday I was holding an 8 month old little asian/canadian baby, from a family in our church and had 2 people come up thinking we had gotten Julia already...I like the fact that I am told I look good holding and Asian baby...DON"T like the fact, it isn't ours for some time to go yet :(. Even though the wait time *IS* getting to me at times, there is no way I could see turning back, or pursuing another avenue for adoption. It was reassuring to read in another couples blog what I have been telling myself, that when the wait is finally over and we have Julia, that all the holidays and times when you feel like it is "another holiday without her" those times magically disappear. Can't wait for that magic trick :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy 5th Anniversary! Congrats!

And I HOPE we won't remember the wait.....two days worth? Sigh. I'm trying to be Pollyanna about this, but I'm ending up as "Oscar the Grouch." :-)

Janet T.