Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What's up...

Time is flying, can't beleive we are into April already, it is nice that since "the wait" is such a wait that the rest of life seems to be flying by, it is also scary. Cara mentioned to me she is filling her schedule with extra business parties etc to keep her mind off the wait, which is helpful for her. Me, on the other hand, am simply busy and thinking, "when can I make a break come in here", I WILL not be this busy when Julia comes along, come hell or high water, I don't know what has to change, but something will. I won't look back on her child hood and go"when did she suddenly grow up?"

Speaking of growing up, my mom has her B-day today, sucks we can't be there to celebrate with her in person, but Happy Birthday Mummy :)

Had another gospel magic show at a church last night.Had something happen to me that has never happened in 15 years of performing, I do a routine where I explain the Gospel and how there is punishment for our sin, but that Jesus takes it away, and have a wrist chopper,which I call a guilt detector tester, which cuts stuff, but I say when a person has a belief in Jesus HE takes their guilt and sin so they can't be hurt by it.

I put the kids wrist in it, slam it down, and SURPRIZE, no damage. Well, I have done this trick literally hundreds of times, but last night, the kid started crying before I did anything. I always whisper in their ear,"it is a trick, it won't hurt", but no go this time. NEVER had that happen before. One time I had the kid in the chopper and I sensed tension so I asked him quietly why he was nervous, he said" I have to go to the washroom,NOW!" So I let him out and he runs off the stage holding himself(he made it fortunately)

But back to last night, so I let this 11 year old go back to her seat, and she sends up her 4 year old baby brother instead! I am thinking this is gonna be a lost cause and should just scrap it, but away we went, and the little guy did awesome. Performing is unpredictable, makes it a challenge but I love it.

Easter is just upon us, as is my(our) 5th year anniversary,so lots of good stuff ahead in the next few days...

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mum said...

L O L ...maybe, just maybe the 11 year old wanted to hurt her baby brother... L O L.... thanks for the b'day wishes honey...wish you could be here to share this milestone with me as well. I think it's a milestone :)