Thursday, April 19, 2007

11 month LID

Well here we are again, another LIDversary.Exciting things planned. It is my day off. I will be shortly going to sit in a doctors office with tons of sick people to get a prescription refill, where I will then make another appointment so that I can actually get in to see the doctor at a reasonable time when I get sick from the germs found while waiting in his office for too long.

Cara is going to help clean up a friends house as their little baby girl has been really sick and hospitalized for the last couple of weeks. She then has a craft party to teach at.

I am warming up leftovers for supper.Break out the party hats and streamers :)

We cleaned behind the washer and dryer at our house and I fought with the dryers vent tubing for 15 minutes to try to get it to stay on vent extensions that the house builder cut off WAAAAAY too short. Only banged my head on the shelving once. Party on!

I think the hilight of the day will be killing the Ruppie monster on the Neopets Playstation game I just bought the other day.Food, festivities and games, this is a rockin party...

Oh, it started to snow again, heh, I am okay with that, I raked the front lawn yesterday and put down some fertilizer, so this will save me money, I won't have to water it in and pay for that on the water bill, GIFTS at this party too! WOW!

The hedge took a beating over the winter, not sure if it was from the tons of snow or the neighbor girl running over the hedge with her boots when it was covered with snow, but a bunch of busted off branches, likely have to replace 3 or 4 of them. Perhaps I can salvage the broken ones and start training them as bonsai...this party even has challenges to it.

So I now wish my wife and myself a Happy 11th month LID! The month that had it all...except a referral...bummer way to end a party...ahh but what a party it will be when that referral finally comes...THAT will be THE BEST PARTY ever!


mum said...

it will be the best party ever - I concur

mum said...

ok - went back and counted... she does have six fingers on one hand...

Robin said...

freaky picture.. LOL. I took me a minute to realize that she had six fingers on one hand and the normal 5 on the other.. LOL..
Happy 11 months!!

Janet said...

HAPPY 11th! We just got to our 9th....only a bazillion more to go! :-)

ladybugmommy said...

Happy 11th! I too had to go back and re-count the girl's fingers, is that a magic trick?
I can't wait for the referral party and to read what exciting things you did on that day!! (Hard to compete with cleaning out behind the dryer though ;0)
Take care,

Janet said...

Hey there! Can't find your e-mail address so I can interview you still want an interview, you can either send me an e-mail, or give me your address. My e-mail is

I'll have to think of some gooood questions.....:-)

Dan & Kelly said...

Happy 11th! Love your post this time. It made me laugh so hard! Happy Mother's day too. Hopefully next year you can celebrate with your little one!