Monday, May 21, 2007

1 year LID!

Well a couple days late, but we have hit the magical 1 year mark. In some regards the year has flown by and hasn't seemed that long, I attribute that only to the busy world we are in, 365 days without our daughter is still 365 days too long.

However, we know God is in control and has the right time planned, we can't know all the reasons, but something that seems to be an indicator is that when we first logged in we were told, "Ehhh, it could be around a year wait". So we were thinking that in the summer we could be preparing to go to China.

It didn't take too long to realize that wasn't going to happen...and a "bright side" of this, is that my Senior Pastor has just resigned(that is most definately not the bright side...hang in there I am getting to it!) and is likely leaving the start of July...IF the original adoption timeline had been in effect, that would have been chaos trying to transition and sustain ministry at my church as my role is going to change, in some way shape or form, for some time now and for the future, until we see who God has lined up next to come on board. If we were trying to prep for baby right now, I would be a nut(nuttier) case. This way(here is the bright side ;) ) we can be here for our church family and do what we can, and so when OUR time to transition comes(with the arrival of baby) THEY can be there for us, like we know they want and desire to be.

So those are the main thoughts going though my brain as we look at this 1 year mark. Speculation is 18-24 months total Logged in Time, but only One really knows, and He is good, and His timing perfect, even if we can't fully see it at the time.

Sometimes, as time passes we see the wisdom He has shown in His timing, other times it requires some faith to trust that His character is true and He hasn't changed. He hasn't, He won't. THAT is always worth celebrating!


Sophie's Mom said...

What a wonderful post. Congrats on being logged in one year!

Feel free to stop by my old website at I know I couldn't get enough 'gotcha moments' and info while we waited.

I'm so glad to see you have a link to attachment stuff. We ended up having some issues about a year after we got back home.

Stop by and say hi at my new blog, when you get a chance. I started it in January of this year, and update it regularly.


Sophie's Mom said...

On the ear piercing... (I couldn't reply to your comment, your email address wasn't there)... Sophia kept mentioning earrings. When hubby would ask her if she wanted them, she would say, 'yes, just like Mama... Paige... but not Daddy... NOah...' lol She wanted to be like Mom and Sissy! She's been wearing her necklace and bracelet and wouldn't take them off. Also, she had clip on ones that hurt, and the magnetic ones too. It's worked out wonderfully, she doesn't touch them at all, and she wanted them. I, personally, hate to see newborns with pierced ears... but Sophie was older and asking.