Saturday, May 26, 2007

May in Review Room

It has been confirmed that at least SOME May dossiers are in the review room stage, this is good news, and will be a relief when we are through the review room knowing there isn't more stuff we will have to do or redo in order to move on in the process.

Rumors have it that CCAA has done around 2 weeks worth of November dossiers, that would be nice, ANYthing would be better than the 2 days worth that was done recently. November is a huge month with lots of dossiers in it. March 2006 is also a large month, the other months are smaller, so hopefully that will work out to no more than a 2 year wait, we are still hoping it will fall closer to an 18-21 month wait...but as always time will tell.


Janet said...

I'm hoping 18 months too!

Carala and Terence said...

Hi guys,

I'm so glad I found your blog! We're on the verge of starting our adoption process. We aren't positive on the country yet, but China is on our list. I was hoping to find someone from Alberta that has or is going through the process with China.

Thank you for sharing your story! It means so much. I'm finding out already the frustrations and road blocks that the adoption process brings your way. I admire you for all you've gone through so far...and I don't even know you. But know it has had to been tough. You will both be in our prayers. :-)

We are from Calgary, have two little boys(almost 3 and 5)...and would like to give them a little sister to love. We pray that God has a plan for us, as He has for you when it comes to adopting. Keep trusting in Him, and He will give you the desire of your hearts. :-)

Thank you again, this has made my night!

Carala Jellema (if you care to share any advise that would help in our jouney to our little girl!)

Charlotte Seehawer said...

My prayers will continue for you during this incredibly long process. God must be crafting a very beautiful little China doll for you.

amy said...

Keep hoping and praying

LID 4/23/07

Ms. Dragonfly said...

tick tock tick tock time goes by, so slowly.....hey that's a song!
Waiting sucks.

Sew Much Fun said...

Hello, I hope you don't mind my leaving a comment on your blog. I found it while doing an internet search. We are also LID in May only 12 days behind you. I couldn't help but notice many parallel experiences. My husband and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary and it appears that you might have too.

We live in Michigan and have adopted once before. We are waiting for little sister (mei-mei). Who knows we may be in China at the same time you are. What agency are you using?

Rhonda Geneva

Dan & Kelly said...

The waiting is tedious, and sometimes down right horrible. Hopefully CCAA will get through the back log soon, and you will have good news.

Happy 1 year LIDiversary!