Saturday, June 02, 2007

Adventures in Childproofing part 1

Cara has decided to help a friend out by babysitting their 18 month old boy a couple days out of the week. So this has prompted us to child proof the house earlier than we had expected.

So, instalation of baby gate at top of stairs, no problems there, and it actually seems to work, a miracle, from someone who makes Tim the Tool Man Taylor look like a genius...

Then I got down on my knees and crawled around the house to see what it looked like from that perspective. I put protector plugs in the elctrical sockets, I moved hanging cords, moved the cactus collection up higher, and we made decisions about what drawers we will lock and which we will keep unlocked, we put the door knob protectors on the bathroom and our bedroom. We were set...or so I thought.

First day with the little guy, he is behaving great, then early afternoon I get a frantic call from Cara..." He has locked himself in our bedroom, where is the key..."

Randy:That door knob has a lock on it????
Cara: Where is the key?!
Randy:That door knob has a lock on it????
Cara:(says something I would get in trouble for writing).... JOKING!

As a side note, she had the car so I am unable to get home.

Cara: How do I get the door open?
Randy: Is the bedroom window open, you could use the ladder and get in that way...
Cara: Of course the window isn't open, you hate having light in there so it is boarded up tighter than Fort Knox!!!
Randy: How come this is suddenly my fault?
Cara:(says something I would get in trouble for writing).... JOKING!

*Okay the last 2 lines were never said, some creative license please :)

Cara: It is pitch black in there, the plugs are exposed, the humidifier is at his level...ARRRRHHHH he just turned the radio on... I hear diaper is dancing in there!!!

I then seek to instruct her how to pop the edging off the door frame and slide a knife in and pop the knob so the door will open.

Cara: I can't get it...
Randy:I can't get there, you have the car...
Cara: (says something I would get in trouble for writing).... JOKING!

While I am trying to find a ride from work, a friend pops by the house and they get the door open.

The little guy is happy as can be.
The wife is as relieved as can be.
This blogger has as fun story to tell.


Janet said...

I feel your pain, Cara! I had a kid lock themselves in a car on me once. I was in UTTER panic. It was not too hot, the child was juuust fine, but I WAS NOT FINE! I was terrified! He finally opened the door. Just casually leaned over and....pop! Opened it. ARG!

Glad all worked out well for you!

Krista's Camera said...

Hehe..Randy, you're a good story teller! And THIS would be a great initiation for the 2 of ya..or at least fair warning as to what you're gonna have to expect! lol Imagine poor Jen with 2 of 'em like that plus another on the way..yikes!

amy said...

ive been in situations like that..glad things worked out..
What a funny story

Charlotte said...

Thank for the laugh. I needed it today

mum said...

I'm with Charlotte...I haven't laughed that hard for weeks.

randy & cara said...

It has made us smile also, glad it has helped spread the smiles around :)

Anita said...

That is too funny! Reminds me of the time I accidently locked Jarrod in the van! Was on my way to pick up Joseph from Kindergarten so Jarrod would have been 3 yrs old, got him strapped in & closed the van doors. Then discovered I locked him in with the keys! Of course he did not panic at all, meanwhile I am! Luckily he is a little Houdini & got himself out of the carseat & unlocked the doors! Such a "Jarrod" thing to do!

Dan & Kelly said...

EKKK! Visions of when Aidan comes home. I just bought baby proofing stuff on Friday!

Thanks for my laugh of the day!