Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Garage sale fun

We went garage saling last Saturday, and got some great deals. Above is a couple of outfits and 3 dvd's that are mint condition.

More fun stuff, this whole stash we got for under $30!!!

Cara has a deep desire to put every child in tights, and has finally been given some room to pick some up for our own.

We got a bottle sterilizer, a baby mat mobile thing, 10 or so receiving blankets(not pictured)...

We got a couple small buckets of little peoples stuff and the farm set. We got animals for the Noah ark set, but now are hunting for the boat...very stoked about these toys!

I am not big on garage sales, but this has warmed me up to it, clean stuff, great price, it was fun!


Anonymous said...

I'll steal Noah's boat from the Nursery at church...(did I say that)...tee hee... I will remain anonymous.....

Stephe said...

Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog. Best wishes to your concurrent adoption plans. I am LID for China 2-17-06!!!

I love that you're warming up to yard sales. I warmed up to them in the begining of my journey to my daugther!! They are sooo much fun that I even do a seperate "shopping finds" blog.

and my adoption blog is

Enjoy the wait!!! : ) Stephe