Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long awaited baby room pictures

On the May long weekend I took a couple days off work to get this project completed

This will end up over the closet door, it is the only thing incomplete, but it looks cool against the window also.

Really enjoy painting, it was a refreshing project, although painting the closet and door white was TIME CONSUMING...

Corner of the bed, very cute flower!

Doesn't go with the room ,but we are keeping a bed in there, this way if baby is unsettled there is the chance for Cara to feed them and sleep and still allow me to have a decent night sleep(I am planning on helping with evening stuff, but Cara will be shouldering more of that time).

This bed will go when baby 2(we assume Julia) comes into our family and we will replace it with another crib.

We are going with a bug theme and the clouds, sun, flowers and dragonflies are a start,we have some butterfly mobiles to put up and some wall stickers of bugs, once the kids get older.

Storage is going to be tight, but we will make it work!

Sun light on the ceiling. It looks cool, but really washes the green out of the room and makes it more yellowy. :)

We are really happy about how it turned out and can't wait for it to be complete...just add one baby!


Anonymous said...

sitting here at work looking at your handy work and bawling my eyes out. It looks wonderful! mum

amy said...

How fun! Cant wait to do this, love the light

Janet said...

Adorable! I love your mom's comment....:-)

Angela said...

I love your theme and colors! The light fixture is so cool! I hope your little butterflies come soon to fill it with lots of noise and smells!