Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer brings camp

Summer = minimal blog posts. I am neck deep(and loving it) with camp ministry so that is keeping me outdoors and away from the computer. China just finished 5 days of files, taking them to January 25 2006. We have our Us coordinator looking for agencies that work more with us than just the birth mom. We were not too impressed with the demands of the one agency we were getting info from. They would send a 5 line description of a situation and ask if we wanted our profile shown to the mom. If the mom picked us, we would be legally bound to pay half at that point. i was like "WHOA" I don't think so, We still need to have some say in this. So we are no longer connected with that agency.

We know that our profile is being shown at times, so now we just wait for a phone call to start step 2.

Cara has actually made up a packing list(when she actually gets to list making, it is serious stuff in our house...she is hardcore ready for something to happen :) ).

We have had quite hot lawn is taking a few hits, me sad :( .

We got word that our good friends Tim and Kristy are starting their long process of adopting from Ethiopia. We are sooooo jazzed about that!

It is too hot to do anything, so I am off to try to make a slurpee from this "bullet" thing that Cara bought from Costco. It has worked well to make smoothies, but has been hit and miss working with ice...Grab a stack of comics and hopefully end up falling asleep:).

I still have 1 week to finish off the last bits of teachings for my elementary camps, can't wait to be at camp 24/7.


Anonymous said...

Hi sweetheart - nice to know somewhere in the country they're having 'summer'.... CARA DOING A LIST...there's a bit of Burtis sneaking in there I'm thinkin...teehee.

Janet said...

Ah yes, summer camp. I LOVED summer camp, as a kid. Have fun drinking your slushy....